Important step in the process

Last week, Shell NL and the Central Staff Council took an important step in the process in the transition to the new pension system (‘Wet toekomst pensioenen’). After an intensive period of working closely together and going through the process with the hearing committee, the request for consent was submitted to the Central Staff Council last week. This request for consent builds on the outline agreement reached late last year. This is an important milestone in the process. Shell NL and the Central Staff Council have also started information sessions for all employees in which they will be updated on the changes in the pension plan.

We expect the response of the Central Staff Council by the end of June. After completion of the consultation process, the transition plans will be finalized and made available on this website. The transition plans will also then be sent to the pension funds for assignment acceptance and further implementation. The transition plans, which are required by law, are rather technical documents in which all choices, alternatives and considerations are described. More accessible versions will also be made available to the various participant groups.


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