New personas

During the information sessions in the summer of 2023, we have shown the differences between conversion (invaren) and hard closing (hard sluiten) on the basis of various personas (maatmensen). At the request of you and the Central Staff Council, these insights have been expanded and we have developed new personas.

In this interactive PDF file, you can see what conversion or hard closing can mean for the personas. The graphics and diagrams provide insight into the possible consequences of conversion or hard closing the fund and how these can play out over a longer period of time. This serves as background information; during the information sessions, you will be informed on what choices Shell Nederland and the COR have made and why. The insights following from this interactive file will be useful to better understand the information that will be shared during the upcoming information sessions.

Be sure to watch this video that explains how to read the graphics and diagrams.

The figures we show here are based on the financial situation of the fund as at 31 December 2023 and the assumptions and distribution rules that we have in mind in the context of the transition. No rights can be derived from this. Adjustments can still be made and will also affect the graphics and diagrams shown. The final decision on conversion or hard closure lies with the board of trustees.

We hope to see you at the information sessions! For more information about dates and locations, see this post (only Shell employees).


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