A message from Frans Everts

Frans Everts, CEO of Shell Netherlands, has sent a message to all colleagues about the Future of Pension Act. The message has also been posted in the VOEKS news and distributed by email to pensioners and former colleagues. Please read the message below.


After years of negotiations, the new Future Pensions Act was passed in the Senate on 30 May 2023. The law will enter into force on 1 July 2023. The government considers it important that everyone receives a good pension in the future, including the generations to come. With the current system, this is not feasible. That is why all pension schemes in the Netherlands must be amended. Also those of Shell. We have no choice in this. I would like to inform you about the steps we will take to this end.

What will change?
In any case, what does not change is that Shell considers pension to be one of the most important parts of our employment conditions in The Netherlands. Together with the Central Staff Council (COR), we will agree on a good new pension scheme for everyone. We want to do this carefully and through constructive dialogue with the COR and other parties involved such as the board of the pension funds and the association for former colleagues and pensioners (VOEKS).

We currently have three different pension schemes. Changes will take place in all three. To give an example: for new employees who enter the SNPS scheme, one fixed pension contribution will soon apply (while at the moment the amount of the contribution depends on someone’s age). Whether this also changes for current SNPS members (in service from 1 July 2013) will be discussed with the COR. What remains, is that these employees already have their own pension pot, which moves with economic developments. Employees who are currently accruing pension in the SSPF scheme will also start to accrue pension in their own pension pot. In addition, we are talking to the COR about how we can best deal with the already accrued pensions of Shell colleagues – and former colleagues – in the SSPF fund. These decisions are important and must be taken within the legal framework that follows from the FPA. This framework aims to complete the transition in a balanced and careful manner. That is also our goal. 

Inform yourself
The consequences of the changes for you personally depend on many factors. At the moment, these are not yet clear. Of course, we will also let you know later in the process what the changes mean for you personally.

I can imagine that this raises questions That is why we think it is important to inform you about the developments in our pension now. This month and next, we are organising information meetings at various Shell locations in which we will update you on the process. I cordially invite you to register for one of these meetings HERE. Also keep an eye on Yammer for more information about the meetings. 

In addition, in recent months we have been working with the pension funds on www.nieuwpensioenbijshell.nl, a website where you can find all important information about the Future of Pensions Act, current developments and possible scenarios for the future. I advise you to keep a close eye on this website to stay informed about your new pension. Step by step, we will work together towards a new pension in the coming years.


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