SNPS scheme

If you are currently accruing pension in the gross and/or net scheme at SNPS, then in principle not much will change for you. In this scheme a monthly premium will be invested for you. That premium will generate a return and in that way you will accrue your own pension capital, which will evolve with the markets. At the moment, these schemes still have an age-related premium; the premium increases as you get older. Under the new system, a flat premium will soon apply; the same premium rate for everyone, regardless of age. But the new law states that for current participants in a premium scheme (as with SNPS) the age-related premium may be continued. This is not mandatory and part of the discussions with the COR. 

Survivors’ pension
Something is also changing in the survivors’ pension. The survivors’ pension in case you die during your employmentis insured through risk insurance,  just as it is now. The amount of that coverage is no longer related to the number of years of service as it is now, but to your salary; up to 50% of the employee’s salary. As long as you work, that insurance applies. If you leave Shell, you can (temporarily) continue the insurance (at your own expense). The current survivors’ pension in the SNPS scheme is already set up this way. 


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