New rules for your partner’s pension

New rules for your partner’s pension
As the new legislation is in place, we also know that the pension for your partner is changing. We call this pension the survivor’s pension. This is the pension that your dependents (partner and any children) will receive after your death.

In the new pension system the survivor’s pension will be arranged differently. The most important change is the way the survivor’s pension is calculated if you pass away before you retire. Currently, the level depends on the level of your own retirement pension. But this will change. In the new system, the level of the survivor’s pension is a fixed percentage of your salary, regardless of your age. Shell Netherlands and the COR are currently discussing the level the survivor’s pension should be in the new scheme.

It is good to know that as long as you work (and for a limited period thereafter) a survivor’s pension is automatically insured. If you leave employment, you have the opportunity to maintain the coverage for the survivor’s pension. This can be useful if you (temporarily) do not join another company (and accrue pension) after leaving Shell. Right now, you don’t have that option. Shell and the Works Council jointly decide the level of coverage in the new system.

When you retire, you can decide whether you want to arrange a survivor’s pension as well as a pension for yourself. Employees who participate in the SNPS-scheme, already have this option. Would you like to know more about your current survivor’s pension? Use the pension planner on


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